Swedish Watercolor Paper

Swedish Watercolor Paper

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Watercolor Painting Paper,  when wet, is easy to use, you do not need a lot of water, a wet sponge is already sufficient enough. The water remains there as a layer, which also helps the paint to absorb as well.

This paper does not tear and bubble when wet and dries flat without having to adhere the edges. The suction force on the flat paint board, both the wood and plastic is great. When the paint mixes many shades arise, the colors are bright and vibrant even after they completely dry.

The paper itself dries quickly with paint and draws water into the paper so that it is safe and will not drip while being stored. The next day, it takes no effort to paint again in motion and allows the same painting to be worked multiple times.

10 sheets

140 g

12.6 x 17.32 inches

Made in Sweden