Abalone Shell

Abalone Shell

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These unpolished Abalone shells come from a sustainable and organic abalone farm here in the US. These shells have been used by Native Americans for centuries as "smudge bowls".  Archaeologists have uncovered 100,000 year old abalone shells used to mix paints containing a ochre compound, used in cave paintings. This discovery is the oldest evidence of humans using containers.  The shells come in a variety of colors, the color of an abalone’s shell is dependent on the types of seaweed it has been eating, meaning every shell is unique. The mother of pearl from abalone shells can be crafted into everything from jewelry to household decorations. Polish these shells with an essential oil to bring out their natural vibrant colors !

Connect your kids to nature, and the past, use the shells to mix your paint, and then go create.....

Made in the USA


3 to 3.5 in diameter

Age 4+