Groundhog Adolescent

Groundhog Adolescent

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The groundhog can be found in Europe, North America, and Asia. It is characterized by a blunt snout, short ears, a short bushy tail, and short legs. Groundhogs live in burrows and hibernate during the winter. They feed on local vegetation. The cry of the marmot sounds like a shrill whistle. So listen closely on your next mountain adventure! Individually hand crafted, true to life animal.

Hansa Toys are known and loved worldwide for incredibly realistic, beautifully crafted, cuddly plush animals. Every Hansa toy comes with a "Toys That Teach" tag, which describes each animal's habitat, lifestyle, gestation period, care of young, and eating habits.  

5.46in X 4.29in X 8.58in


Age 3+