Plant Dyed Watercolor Paints by Artemis

Plant Dyed Watercolor Paints by Artemis

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Share a little of nature's color with your favorite budding artists today!  Soft flowing plant dyes are the basis for these beautiful watercolors from Artemis. Simple to use, these three primary colors, can make many more when mixed together.

Mix Buckhorn Yellow with Indigo Blue and create and an amazing green

Yellow and red make orange

Blue and red make purple

From there you can mix blue and orange, red and green, yellow and purple and they all make wonderful shades of brown.

Vermilion Red .85 oz concentrate

Buckhorn Horn Berries Yellow .85 oz concentrate

Indigo Blue .85 oz concentrate

Depending on the harvest, climate, and other environmental influences, sublet differences in color may occur.

Made in Germany from natural dyes, of watercolor concentrate.