Creative Cardboard

Creative Cardboard

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A cardboard box or tube is so much more than the sum of its parts. Ask any kid who just made a robot that brings cookies, or the kid who just made the most epic fort the world has ever seen. A cardboard box or tube is so, so much more, its childhood.

This World Famous Box of Boxes includes:
- Six unique and sturdy square boxes with imaginative punch-outs and four tall triangular boxes come flat inside a large carrying case.
- Large 24x13 storage box (collapse and store boxes when you are done)
- Six 12 x 9 collapsible cubes
- Four 12 x 6 collapsible triangular tubes
- 100% recyclable, made from  50% recycled material

The Enormous Tube of Tubes includes:

- 14 sturdy cardboard tubes in various sizes
- 10 paper cones made from plant-based, renewable sources
- 1 roll of non-toxic, colored masking tape
- Plans for 3 unique project ideas

*Manufactured in Minnesota, USA from certified sustainable sources

Ages 6+