A Bird Watching Book for Kids

A Bird Watching Book for Kids

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Bird-watching is a great way for kids to get outside and explore! This birding journal--just like the journals that scientists use--helps kids learn how to be skillful bird-watchers and create a record of every bird they meet. They'll practice noticing how birds are different colors and sizes, the various places they live, how they behave, and more!

This bird book for kids helps young explorers:

  • Get started--Help aspiring birders brush up on birding basics with fun facts and helpful tips about bird anatomy, outdoor safety, and more.
  • Track what they learn--Each journal page includes suggestions for what to record, along with room for additional notes and sketches so kids can make it their own.
  • Practice new skills--Kids will learn how to record scientific information, notice details, and become keen observers.


Inspire kids to sharpen their science skills and explore nature with the Bird Watching Book for Kids.


9 x 6 inches

102 pages

Age: 8+