A Kid's book with practical information, projects and activities about herbs.

A Kid's Herb Book

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 A Kid's Herb Book, is a unique and clever book written by Lesley Tierra. It is a creative blend of practical information, projects, activities, preparations, color-in artwork, stories, lore, interesting herbal tidbits, and original songs about herbs by Michael Tierra (Lesley’s husband, respected herbalist, acupuncturist, and best-selling author).
The book describes seventeen commonly used herbs that are especially good for children’s ailments. It includes information on: use of plants, herbal gardens, medicinal use of flowers, herbal medicines found in kitchens, first aid kits, plant ecology, and herbal tea parties. Children and their parents learn the basics of herbs and how to safely treat children’s illnesses through proper use of natural herbal remedies. The herbs described comprise a common set of household herbal remedies. Many are easily obtained and readily available; many are grown in most gardens, backyards, vacant fields, and even in cities.
The delightful and beautiful illustrations throughout the book are by Susie Wilson (who has also illustrated an upcoming educational CD Rom for National Geographic).


.6 x 9.9 x 8.4 inches