Illustrated Deck of Cards containing 52 games, activities and art projects that connect children to nature

52 Nature Activities & Games

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Make the most of the nature around you where ever you go! This charmingly illustrated deck of cards describes 52 games, activities, and art projects for children to do in nature. From educational to just plain fun, these cards are the perfect size to carry with you anywhere.

These Activities are just right for:

A backyard

A national park

A patch of grass

A group of kids

Single Kids

Activities included are:

Found Sounds, Under a Rock, Natural Alphabet, Rock Out, Seed by Seed, Rub a Leaf, Twig Dolls, Nature by Memory, How Far Can you see, Pictographs, Hide and Seek, Natural Tunes, Natural Ruler are some of the activities contained in the pack of 52 Nature Activities.

All Ages (May need adult supervision for some activities)