Why We Love Stargazing + A Collection Discount!

We are stardust, each and every one of us. Our connection to the universe, its galaxies, stars, comets, planets, moons, and suns is crafted into every cell of our bodies. Maybe that's why the wonder we feel when we stare out into the dark night sky is a little different, special even.

Compared to its vastness, we know very little about space outside this planet we call home. Which is why it is so important to learn what is out there and then try to learn more. The wonder we feel towards the night sky is not all that different from the wonder of childhood itself.

Learning about the stars brings excitement to subjects like chemistry, physics, and of course astronomy.

Filled with exploration, adventure, myth, and legend, the night sky is an immersive and rewarding place to spend time as a family. Take a few moments and look up with your kids tonight!

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