Science! + A Collection Discount

The next time you go on a hike look up, down, and to your sides. . . what rocks do you see, what colors are they? Are they brittle, solid, or do they crumble easily? What binds these rocks together? What elements are they made from? How did they get here?

Earth Studies, Physical Science, and the study of the Elements are the answer to each of these questions. Learning about rocks and the geologic processes that created them will change the way your kids see the world and spark curiosity and wonder on every hike.

Learning about the elements and the forces behind what binds them will unlock a love of science that lasts a lifetime.

Put the two together, and you might just ignite the mind of a budding scientist that makes the next great discovery. The most important thing is to keep asking questions and to encourage your little ones to keep asking them too. There is just so much to learn.

Save 10% on the entire collection today 12/5/18 with the discount code: SCIENCE

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