Optics + A Collection Discount!

The world is both very big and very small. It's easy to look out over the horizon and let your brain fill in what you can't quite make out. Or you could pick up a pair of binoculars and bring that world way out there, right to you.


The world of optics is all about taking a closer look. We highly suggest starting with a simple magnifying glass, head on out into the backyard with your kids, and see what magic unfolds. 

Rocks, flower petals, and refracting light all create wonder-filled moments that inspire great questions and lively conversations. 

From there, the sky really is the limit, or better yet the dirt. Whether you aim a combination of convex and concave lenses up at the night sky or prepare a sample to look at through a microscope, there is always, always something for your kids and your family to discover together.

Save 10% on the entire collection today 12/7/18 with the discount code: OPTICS

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