Make Believe + A Collection Discount!


The world is a busy and sometimes overwhelming place, especially for kids. Imagination, and the make-believe worlds each little one creates act like a safe haven, a place where all that noise and distraction slips away, a place where children can thrive. 

Very little is needed for make-believe to happen. We've found that simple is usually better. A cape, a crown, a fort held together with a few wooden clips, and little spritely friends to keep company. 

But the most important ingredient is time. A little bit of time carved away with nothing on the schedule, nowhere to go, and zero expectations. Open-ended, unstructured, and full of possibility.

Giving your kids this time, along with a few items to make it special, will provide a lifetime of thinking outside the box, problem-solving, and creative ingenuity that that is sure to serve them well.

Save 10% on the entire collection today 12/3/18 with the discount code: IMAGINE

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