Beautiful Botany + A Collection Discount

What a beautiful subject to learn about! Did you know that some mushrooms put out both a positive and negative energy charge, they're like magnets! One of the world's oldest natural sciences, the study of Botany informs many aspects of our everyday lives. 

On its own botany is a delightful science subject to explore and teaches young children the basics of how this wonderful world we live in works. It's like the wooden ABC blocks of science, it's a great place to start. 

Once the kids are a bit older, botany incorporates biology, chemistry and even a bit of physics (i.e. the mushrooms mentioned above). Botany is also wildly accessible, even weeds manage to grow through cracks in the concrete. 

All you have to do is go outside and start investigating. Why does that flower grow there? What kinds of trees grow along the creek in the park? Why are cacti full of water? Unlock the magic of this beautiful science today!

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